cover letter    
Hello, my name is Brian Brantner. Iím looking to contribute my energy, enthusiasm and skills as a contract or full-time employee to companies interested in developing Flash applications for mobile phones or other embedded devices.

some history
I began developing Flash applications for embedded devices when I joined LeapFrog in November 2002 to work on titles for their not-yet-released Leapster platform (similar to an educational GameBoy). After being a part of the successful Leapster launch, in April 2005 I moved to a startup called MSX. We develop device independent applications that speak to the MSX engine and can quickly be deployed on multiple mobile phone platforms such as Windows Mobile, Qualcomm Brew, Symbian, or phones with embedded operating systems.

my skills
My main authoring environment is Adobe Flash. As a developer for embedded devices, one of my unique talents is to code successfully within the unique constraints (memory, graphics, performance, etc) of such platforms.

My primary contributions have been as a lead programmer, yet I have also contributed to numerous projects in the areas of design, management, and customer communication.

I look forward to speaking with you in person about the value I can bring to your team. Please feel free to contact me by phone (415-602-8138) or e-mail, which are both also listed on my resume.



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